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IM Hart AB is a family enterprise with more than 20 years of experience in the pallet manufacturing industry. We have developed a new generation of machinery for the pallet industry. Due to its flexibility and fast adjustments, our machines are able to fit the most demanding requirements for a modern pallet manufacturer. Pallets produced with our equipment has a very high quality, which makes them very competetive on the modern market.
Buying machines from IM Hart AB is the perfect choice, for companies producing wooden pallets in series of different types and sizes. Flexibility, easy adjustments and tuning, makes IM Hart machines the best suitable choice, when buying a pallet machine. They cover more or less 80% of all pallet variations on the market.

Product Development

We mainly produce and deliver standard machines. Still there is a very strong product development. Constant improvement, both mechanical and technical is taking place every week. Developing new prototypes of pallet machines, as well as constructing changes in a special part of a machine, that is a strong and always growing challange of the daily work at IM Hart AB.

Growing market

IM hart is today represented in more than fifteen different countries, and keeps growing. In order to be close to our customers and there needs, the agents, staff of service and maintenance personal, increases by number and spread among the countries.

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